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LLC Registered Agent


An LLC registered agent is a company or individual who agrees to receive service of process from the government on behalf of a limited liability company (LLC). All 50 states require business entities operating within their borders to designate a registered agent to represent the firm. Depending on the state, registered agents for LLCs are also commonly referred to as "resident agents" or "statutory agents."


Service of process refers to any official paperwork - legal summons, tax notices, annual reports, notice to renew registration, etc. - that the government may issue to the LLC. As the company representative, an LLC registered agent must maintain a physical address (may not be a P.O. Box) where these documents may be delivered and where the agent can be reached during normal business hours.


There are many benefits to hiring a third party professional. A dedicated LLC registered agent service provider can help the business stay abreast of any legislative changes or developments that may affect filing deadlines or legal obligations. Professional registered agents for an LLC also have specialized knowledge of state commercial laws, which differ across the many jurisdictions in the United States. Having a third party agent also allows companies to avoid filing cumbersome and expensive changes of address when moving. Many LLC registered agent service providers also offer effective tools for keeping track of the numerous filing requirements that, if overlooked, could cost the company a great deal in penalties.


National Registered Agent Inc. (NRAI) is a leading provider of professional LLC registered agents in each of the 50 states. NRAI has a broad network of attorneys and corporate service professionals who can meet the registered agent needs for your LLC. Call (800) 550-6724 to learn more about our services.